MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman says she is confused and concerned after seeing a picture of her home listed on several realtor sites as being for sale.

The woman’s daughter, Melissa Miller-Monie, said her mother has owned the house in the 3200 block of Lamphier for more than thirty years and has no plans to sell.

She said she doesn’t know if someone made a mistake or if they are being scammed.

“Because it has happened to rental properties and vacant houses in our neighborhood. People have given money and moved into a house, and they find out they’ve been scammed,” said Miller-Monie.

Miller-Monie said she found a real estate listing with a picture of her mother’s house on it after she did an internet search of her mother’s address.

She said the address on the listing was for a house two doors away.

“It’s a picture of our house that says tenants are here, and this is a good investment,” said Miller-Monie. “They made the effort to get a good picture and put 3265 as the address, and this is not 3265.”

Melissa Miller Monie’s mother’s home on Lamphier
3265 Lamphier

She said neighbors have asked if their home is for sale, and they’ve seen vehicles slow down to view the property. The listing has also been shared by a number of realtor sites.

“We live here. It’s not for sale,” said Miller-Monie.

WREG contacted the initial realtor who listed the property. He told us he has several listings in the neighborhood but said he did not have the paperwork in front of him and could not tell us the address of the home on Lamphier.

When we asked if the picture was a mistake, he said he would get back to us.

The Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South says if this happens to you, contact the Memphis Area Association of Realtors. The BBB said once a listing is posted and shared, it can be tricky to get it down.

“We want them to take it down and correct it and actually put the 3265 Lamphier property up if that’s for sale,” said Miller-Monie.

She said the address listed online as their home is a rental property.