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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — A Greenville FedEx driver is facing charges after Greenville Police officials said he dumped packages in the woods instead of delivering them.

Police said on Dec. 6 they were dispatched to 3317 E. 10th St., which is 33 East Apartments, in reference to suspicious activity. A caller told police she witnessed a Fed-Ex truck dump a load of packages in the parking lot and throw the boxes into a nearby wooded area, according to a Facebook post by the Greenville Police Department.

Officials said the witness got the license plate number of the truck as well as a description of the driver, which led to the arrest of Dontrell Weaver, who was charged with larceny by employee and littering of less than 500 pounds.

GPD officials said all the packages were recovered and delivered by FedEx to their rightful owners, a total of 73 different stops.

“A good reminder – Santa isn’t the only one watching this time of year,” GPD officials said in the Facebook post.