ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — Jason Allen could use some financial help to pay for his daughter Zoey Dakota Allen’s medical procedures.

She’s currently at the Children’s Hospital in Birmingham where she is scheduled to have four to six bone surgeries in her leg after being hit by a car at Easy Money last week in Enterprise.

“Whenever the doctors get everything together, I think Monday or Tuesday they are going to try to get the bone back together,” Allen said.

Allen said doctors believe it can be a lengthy road to recovery as it could take at least a year or two to recover from the complex skin and bone surgeries.

Not only is that overwhelming physically for an eight-year-old, but mentally Allen said his daughter Dakota is traumatized from the accident.

She has been struggling to sit up in bed until doctors brought in a service dog — which they encourage her to have moving forward.

“Some of the doctors told me that if somebody is traumatized like she has you know how much of a great deal a service dog can be to them,” says Allen.

The trauma kicked in last week when Allen and his daughter were inside making a loan payment at Easy Money.

His daughter was standing a few feet away from him in the corner looking at something on the window and then shockingly a car plowed through the building hitting her into the ceiling.

Allen said it was the scariest thing he has ever encountered as a single father.

“When your daughter is laying there on the floor and she’s asking if she’s going to die it’s just something you never thought you would hear,” says Allen.

Allen said the woman that confused the gas and brake was almost 70 years old, but he does not have any ill will towards her since she was not impaired.

He does have an attorney looking into the situation, not for charges but possibly compensation.

“She does have insurance and they are obligated to take care of these medical bills,” He said.

A lot of medical bills for Allen who’s on disability with a fixed income.

He has set up a GoFundme page that has raked in over $1,000 but he’s planning to up the goal due to procedure expenses along with additional expenses.

“Im gonna have to build a ramp on house and modify my house and pay for gas coming up here back and forth,” says Allen.

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