HAMMOND, La. (WGNO) — Something magical is happening in the English village of Albright — welcoming travelers for an extraordinary journey to the year 1565 with medieval food, fun, and entertainment on the Louisiana bayou.

“We’ve actually done surveys trying to analyze exactly what it is that people fall in love with and the closest we get is “It’s everything, it’s the whole ambiance.’ It’s not this one thing or that one thing,” Renaissance Festival CEO Alvon Brumfield told WGNO’s Stephanie Oswald.

The Louisiana RenFest is a place to step out of your comfort zone. Coming in costume is an excellent idea, but if you don’t have the right clothes, no worries!

“You can put together a full costume with us, anywhere from 200 dollars to a couple of grand, depending on the amount of items in it, the styles and the fabrics in each item,” explained Tricia Breton with Hearts Delight Clothiers. We have found that within our costumes we are able to recreate just about any character, genre or style that you’d wish to be.”

Souvenirs are everywhere, and in lots of cases, you can watch them being made, from leather belts to henna.

“So this is henna body art — during the renaissance times there was a big trade going on between all the continents and a lot of things came from the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and henna was one of them. It’s a natural dye that stains the skin and it will last anywhere from a week to three weeks.”

There are tastings, joustings, and a new for 2022, a “Cirque du Sewer.”

“We are cirque du sewer, like cirque du soleil, only less Canadian.”

That’s right, a show where trained rats are the stars! Anything goes at Ren Fest!

With plenty of days to go, this season is ‘on target’ to be a huge success.

You can visit the Lousiana RenFest every weekend from November 5-6 to December 10-11. To purchase tickets and find travel information, click here.

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