JEFFERSON PARISH, La. (WGNO) — A new move from Jefferson Parish may help save commuters headaches.

A camera has been installed at both railroad crossings in the parish – one at the Metairie Road crossing, the other at the Little Farms crossing. They can be viewed by heading over to the Jefferson Parish website or clicking HERE.

It comes just days after a train was stopped at the Metairie Road crossing for about three hours, according to Jefferson Parish officials.

The cameras give commuters a real-time view of what is happening at the tracks.

Jefferson Parish council member Jennifer Van Vrancken says trains pass through the Metairie Road crossing daily.

“Inevitably when you’re headed to pick the kids up from school or heading to a meeting or getting somewhere on time can be a challenge if there’s a train blocking the tracks,” said Van Vrancken.

That was the inspiration behind installing the cameras, giving drivers a heads up of what they can expect when heading out the door.

“If there was a way to give people a heads up so that they don’t get stuck here and have to detour that was the goal,” said Van Vrancken.

The cameras went live on Monday. Already, they’re being used by people like Lauren Fakier.

“It let me know how close I was to cutting it to work today – I think it’s going to be super beneficial,” said Fakier. She works at a boutique near the Metairie Road crossing.

Fakier recommends anyone who may have to cross the tracks check out the camera first.

“It’s going to be a super important resource and helpful again for anyone who lives in the area, commutes to and from the area,” said Fakier.

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