You want my headband? Utah Royals Soccer Player, Michelle Maemone.


(ABC4 NEWS – SALT LAKE CITY, UT) – I enjoy telling inspiring stories with Utah Success Stories. I also do in-depth, online interview, called Jessop’s Journal.

Here’s a snippet of one of those stories with Utah Royals soccer player Michelle Maemone.

DOUG: You’ve probably got a lot of little girls saying geez, “I want to be like Michelle.” Has that hit your yet?

MICHELLE MAEMONE: Um. You know there was this one moment after a game when we were signing autographs and, I’ll never forget, it was after our third game. I wear a lulu-lemon headband, I’ve always worn them. This one girl was like “can I have your headband?” I was like, you want my headband? Mine? Like that’s significant to you? So I took it off and I gave it to her. I realize I can’t do this every game. They’re kind of expensive. But at that moment. That’s when things changed. Signing autographs, wanting to take a picture with you.

This one guy came up to me and had my jersey. Oh my goodness. I’ve never had someone buy my jersey. this picture with this group of little girls. I just have vivid memories of being on the other side of that not that long ago. And remembering what it was like to dream of being on the other side of being the player taking the picture with the girls.

You know how before you head out to the field before you play, you’re holding a little girl’s hand. Again, I was that little girl not that long ago. Here I am ready to go play a game in this professional setting and I’m holding a little girl hand you are probably dreaming of being on the other side. I can’t even put it into words. It’s really amazing.


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