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NEW ORLEANS – The wait is over… preseason football is upon us. Jason Logan from Covers.com is back to help out with another season of sports betting.

Let’s dive right in, Jason says as far as the NFC South goes, the Saints are the big-time favorite.

The boys in black and gold are -160.

The Falcons are +325 and the Panthers are +450. The Buccaneers are way down at the bottom of the list, at +1200.

Taking it a little further, the Saints are tied with the Rams, at 4 to 1 to win the NFC championship game.

Philadelphia and Chicago are 13 to 2, that’s +650. Green Bay is at 8 to 1. And Minnesota tied with the Cowboys at 10 to 1 odds to win the NFC championship

And although it’s early, early on, Jason tells us what he’s seeing as far as Superbowl odds go: “The Chiefs and Patriots right now are co-front runners at 6 to 1. And then you’ve got the Rams and the Saints, both 10 to 1. And then you’ve got Chicago, Philly, and Indianapolis all 14 to 1 odds, rounding out those favorites.”

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