NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — In one the most injury-plagued season in recent history, where seven to eight beginning-of-year starters have missed a handful of games, Saints coordinators Pete Carmichael and Ryan Nielsen continue to have faith in Dennis Allen’s leadership abilities.

In fact, it seems as though everyone in the Saints locker room believes in “DA.”

Co-defensive coordinator Ryan Nielsen and offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael answered multiple questions about Dennis Allen on Thursday afternoon. One of the most intriguing answers came from Nielsen, who said the Saints (3-7) are going back to the basics and working on tackling fundamentals.

“I think [Dennis] has done a great job. I really do. You know, we haven’t been in this spot ina long time around here. It’s challenging for the head coach, but we’re all sticking together. And he’s done a good job in team meetings of keeping us together. And practices, I don’t feel like we have missed a beat. He’s keeping it positive…fundamentals and technique.”

Carmichael did not hold back on the frustrating pre-snap penalties and how Dennis Allen puts a giant emphasis in team meetings on preventing those moving forward.

“Those [penalties] are inexcusable…something we continue to preach. Dennis’s message to the team about those is really ‘when you have the self-inflicted wounds, that makes it even more a challenge.’ So, those things are not acceptable, and we got to get them corrected.”

The LA Rams (3-6) will play without Cooper Kupp (injured reserve), so the Saints have one less superstar to worry about as the offense prepares for last year’s defensive MVP Aaron Donald. Kickoff is set for Noon in the Superdome.


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