NEW ORLEANS — Tulane head football coach Willie Fritz spoke with media Wednesday about his team’s Cotton Bowl preps and the newest members of the Green Wave after the opening day of the early signing period.

The Tulane Green Wave continue to capitalize on their conference championship season by adding 24 players on the opening day of the early signing period.

“We’re excited about the future of our program and we want to continue with this momentum that we’ve got going right now. I’ve heard you say a lot of people that have been here for many years, sometimes Tulane hadn’t capitalized on momentum of that over the years. We certainly want to do that,” says Tulane head football coach Willie Fritz.

Willie Fritz told reporters Wednesday that he and Tulane Athletic Director Troy Dannen have already met to discuss football facility improvements and additions.

Fritz added that a contract extension is also on the table, but his intention to spread the wealth of the Green Wave’s success.

“I want to sign an extension for sure. They’ve already offered that to me and as I said before, I didn’t ask for one more penny to come back and I’m not going to get one more penny. I’m very well compensated. I’m proud to be the head coach here at Tulane, but, I think I’ve got some great assistant coaches and I want to keep those guys here. That’s important,” says Fritz.

Player retention has also been at the forefront of Tulane’s plan.

The Green Wave learned last night that quarterback Michal Pratt will return for the 2023 season along with center Sincere Haynesworth.

“I think Michael just wanted to kind of make that announcement because he’d been asked about it a bunch. Then we’re also very, very excited, obviously. I thought the whole time Michael was coming back. I never questioned that but other people, I think were talking about it. We’re also very excited about him coming back. We’re very excited about Sincere Haynesworth coming back,” says Fritz.

It’s all hands on deck for the Green Wave who can complete the largest turnaround in college football history with a win over USC in the Cotton Bowl.