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New Orleans --Anthony Davis spoke to the media Friday afternoon for the first time since announcing he wanted to be traded. The 6-time All-Star fielded all the questions about timing of the announcement, why and where he wants to go and everything in between. But the main take away, which he repeated several times in the 14 minute presser, is he feels like it's just his time to move on from the Pelicans.

"I had high hopes," Davis said. "When you play somewhere for a long time-- 7 years, well 6 and a half I guess-- this is all you know. This is all I know is New Orleans. I always talk about just winning and for me, I just feel like it's my time. Like I said, you don't know how long you're going to play this game. I feel like I'm in my prime right now. I'm playing at an elite level and I want to make sure that I take advantage of that."

So there's the 'why' of leaving, but then there's the 'why' as far as timing of it all-- why 10 days before the trade deadline?

"We just felt like that time, the day wasn't planned and honestly my representation didn't drop the story or leak the story or anything like that," Davis explained. "Someone else did and gave it to a reporter. The reporter called my agent and asked him was this true. We never wanted to leak it to the media. We wanted to do everything in-house. That wasn't on us."

Davis went-on to explain he wanted to inform the Pelicans now rather than possibly at the end of the season with the organization's future in mind.

"I just thought of doing it sooner than later not just for myself, just out respect for the organization and Mrs. Benson," Davis said. "They've done everything for me, the fans, community. So giving them an opportunity and enough time to be able to make a decision that's best for the organization."

In regards to where he hopes to land, Davis said "that's on the Pelicans organization" to decide. And as far as rumors that he asked to be traded to the Lakers, he said that wasn't true.

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"No. Me or my representation never gave the Pelicans a destination," Davis said. "I'm not sure where that's coming from. Maybe the connection with my representation but we never gave the Pelicans a destination."

For now, all eyes remain on next Thursday's trade deadline, to see if the Pelicans will move AD before then. In the meantime, Davis is still sidelined with a finger injury that has caused him to miss the last 6 games. Head Coach Alvin Gentry said Friday that Davis was not available this play this week and Davis added that he hoped to get it reevaluated after their game Saturday and go from there.


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