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HAMMOND, La. (WGNO) — With hundreds of thousands of combined followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Tikok, this Hammond 7-year-old may just be the next Guinness World Record holder.

Lathan Williams, or as he’s known on social media, Lathan the Kid Umpire will take calling the shots at local baseball games to the next level next week as he vies for the title of “World’s Youngest Baseball Umpire.”

Check out Lathan’s latest video on Instagram in the player above. Since he was five, Lathan has suited up for dozens of games, including for kids as old as 12. Don’t be fooled by his young age, though — Lathan knows his baseball, and even more, knows how to hold his own when he makes even the toughest of calls.

Although he’s only seven, his critics argue that those who can’t do, umpire. However, Lathan has plenty of championship rings to show for his love of the game — whether he’s batting at the plate or standing behind it.

And it’s not just baseball! Lathan can be seen at basketball games along the bayou, showing just as much passion and knowledge for a game of hoops.

You can catch Lathan the Kid Umpire next Wednesday (March 8) at Stevens Park in Gonzales as he umpires a doubleheader. The event is sponsored by AP Baseball.

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