The role analytics play in John Curtis baseball’s formula for success


RIVER RIDGE, La. — The John Curtis Patriots are taking an analytical approach to the game of baseball.

Something that has allowed them to develop a formula for success this season.

“It’s something that is not really new to baseball but it’s gaining a lot of popularity as far as shifts on batters. Obviously, it’s a huge thing in football and we’ve been able to carry that over and use some of those scouting tendencies into our defensive game plan,” says John Curtis head baseball coach Jeff Curtis.

A concept you don’t see very often in the highly competitive Catholic League, but one the Patriots trust.

It’s helped boost them to the top 3 in league standings.

“When you move a guy and you play a guy in a certain spot and all of a sudden, the ball finds this glove, that just develops that trust in us as a staff in the work that we put in and you know sometimes you move a guy and it doesn’t fall into play and you’ve got to reiterate, hey that’s baseball,” says Coach Curtis.

“You can’t cover every gap and every hole but we’re going to try to put you where we think it’s going to go but you know baseball is a crazy game sometimes, but we try to eliminate as much as we can.”

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