Teddy prepares for 4th game as Saints starting QB

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Metairie, La. -- Touchdown Teddy is 3 and oh as the Saints starting quarterback this season, and to those on the outside, he looked the most comfortable he's been since taking-over for the injured Drew Brees. But not according to him.

Teddy Bridgewater, Saints quarterback, "I've been feeling comfortable for the last couple weeks. Like I've been saying, each week the game plans change for facing different defenses. Each week presents different opportunities. Last week we had an opportunity to push the ball down the field and we enjoyed doing it."

Bridgewater did concede though that their tempo on offense was the best it's been in that 7-point win over the Bucs.

Teddy Bridgewater, "Last week was definitely our best week of establishing tempo. Coach mentioned it-- just having that tempo from the start. You could feel it all week last week when we were practicing and it transferred over to the game. We want to try and keep that tempo and keep that momentum going forward and keep trying to play fast."

One thing that's helped the Saints play fast is the confidence the entire team has. It's a contagious feeling in the locker room that translates into execution on the field.

Teddy Bridgewater, "These guys around here, we all feed off each other. It's a confident group so for me, I step into the huddle and I'm looking into the guys' eyes and you see those guys exuding that confidence, for me as a player is like man, these guys are so confident that I have to be as confident as those guys."


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