Superdome adjusting to COVID-19 guidelines


Machine kills 98% of germs on the football field.

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NEW ORLEANS – As our Saints head into game two tonight in Las Vegas, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome is adjusting to a new ‘normal’ here in New Orleans.

Covid-19 remains a concern for millions across the country as football season ramps up!

This season kicked off with empty stands as fans cheer from home.

“It was different! It was bizarre. I’ve watched the team play from as a fan in the stands to the press box and I have never been around such a quiet atmosphere.” Said Mike Hoss, Communications director, ASM/LSED

Officials at the dome have been busy since March putting together a safety plan. Emphasizing the importance of social distancing, no crowds, covid screening and disinfecting the football field. 

Hoss said preparing for a game with no fans, was far from a piece of cake. He says executing a game with no fans was challenging for everyone as they followed a thousand-page book of guidelines.
A key focus, for the Superdome, is disinfecting the football field to keep players safe. Prior to a game, the new football field is liquid sanitized before a machine called the “green zapper” travels across the field, using UVC lights, to kill 98% of a lll bacteria.

According to Hoss, the safety of workers and players, is the number one priority for the Superdome at this time. 


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