Welcome to the Sports Zone Podcast, where we discuss, opine, and report on all things local sports. In this episode, the Tigers kick off fall camp and first-year LSU head coach Brian Kelly is excited, even to see reporters.

“Welcome back everybody. It is great to have you here,” Kelly told media following the team’s first day of practice.

How Kelly and his staff have much to sort out. Our Richie Mills reports from Tigertown.

And we ask the question to our esteemed panel, “Can the Tigers reach this threshold?”

Tulane opens fall camp with a wave of optimism – and a bold prediction from one of its best players, one he says will break the internet.

Saints rookie offensive tackle Trevor Penning is ready to bust some heads, but there’s only so many extra-curricular activities Dennis Allen will tolerate.

“We have to learn as a team how to compete, how to play, and how to practice, and push ourselves to the limit, but not take it over the edge,” said Coach Allen.

Is Trevor Penning’s aggressiveness a liability – or is it much to ado about nothing?

And, Friday Night Football is two weeks away and counting. Ed Daniels and his FNF co-host Coach J.T. Curtis are optimistic about at least one change in high school sports.

But, will it stick?

Stick around for the WGNO Sports Zone.