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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Welcome to the Sports Zone Podcast, where we discuss, opine, and report on all things local sports.

In this episode, the Saints stepped on the Bucs. Now they need to step on the gas.

“We need some help to get into the playoffs,” said Taysom Hill.

But, now in a season of one obstacle after another, the Saints see a boulder in the road. they are down to one quarterback – a rookie who has yet to throw his first NFL pass.

He will very soon.

Richie Mills and I, weigh in on the latest stunning ‘Black & Gold’ development.

LSU football – a veteran Tiger watcher on the change in head coaches and quarterbacks.

And what really motivated Brian Kelly to take on the challenge of Tigertown and the SEC.

And, a new hoops world.

A team on the covid comeback. Can the Tulane women recapture some early-season juice?

All that, and Rich and I count our many blessings in the WGNO Sports Zone.

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