In his final season, Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera received farewell gifts from every MLB team to celebrate such an illustrious career. While some clubs put a lot of thought into their gifts, like a Hollywood Star from the Dodgers and a guitar from the Guardians, the final team to give Cabrera a gift appeared to disappoint.

In Cabrera’s road series vs. the Athletics, Oakland presented the slugger with a simple bottle of wine signed by the team. However, the bottle of wine itself was not that rare, as it was a Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley that cost just $90 on the market.

This is only the latest instance of the A’s spending less money than other teams, as they already have the lowest payroll in the league. As a result, fans criticized Oakland for once again choosing to not to spend more money, this time on Cabrera’s gift.

Other fans noted that Cabrera spent a few months in rehab in 2010, so gifting him a bottle of wine is a strange move.

However, this move was so predictable that one Athletics fan even predicted earlier this week what Oakland would give Cabrera.

To be fair, the Astros also gave Cabrera a signed bottle of wine as part of their farewell gift, along with a cowboy hat, so Oakland isn’t alone in their decision.