Sights and sounds from Eastbank Little League opening day


KENNER, La. – Eastbank Little League held its opening day on Tuesday at Butch Duhe Sports Park in Kenner.

Friends, family and loved ones packed the park to see their kids, ages 5-12, return to some sort of normalcy through the game of baseball.

Eastbank Manager, Scott Frazier, said that they have been in constant communication with Little League Baseball officials and felt that it was safe to start their regular season.

Frazier said, “Little league did a great job of keeping us informed. We try to do the best to keep the line of participation open with all of our participants. Realistically in baseball, there are some kids who decided not to play. We just are trying to put out the best product we can and play as many games as we can.”

Eastbank Little League won the 2019 Little League World Series in August.

It was the first time that the little league baseball team from Louisiana was crowned world champions.


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