Sean Payton weighs-in on LSU-Bama

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Metairie, La. -- Saints Head Coach Sean Payton said he'll be watching Saturday's LSU vs. Alabama game and watching it closely. With the 2:30 p.m. kick-off it works with his schedule to catch all the action, which he normally can't do if it's a night game because it's during their team meetings.

During his weekly Friday afternoon meeting with the media, Payton spoke about his former assistant coach Joe Brady, who's in his first year as LSU's passing game coordinator, saying he was excited for his success.

"I think that he's someone who's very sharp, smart," Payton said. "And I'm speaking for Joe as well, I'm sure there are a number of other guys involved in that process. I think obviously the quarterback's playing well. It's an important game for both teams and it's a good weekend of football."

Payton said he'll be watching as a fan, but also as a coach-- looking for a new play or two that he could add to his own playbook.

"If something happens in a game you just have on and it looked pretty interesting, the next day I'm finding it-- college film or NFL film," Payton said. "If it's something that you think can apply."

When asked if he pulls for LSU to win, Payton responded:  "Always. Yeah, absolutely."

But he stopped-short of saying LSU will beat Bama.

"I haven't followed or seen a lot of their games," Payton said. "I just know they're playing well and I know Alabama's a tough opponent. I think it'll be a real good game. You can feel the level of excitement too. It's an important game. At this stage of the year, when does 1 play 2? That doesn't happen very often."


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