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Metairie, La. — After the Saints Monday Night Football win over the Colts, quarterback Drew Brees said he thought it was their most complete game as a team this season– offense, defense and special teams. He said it was hard to complain about a performance like that, but being the perfectionist he is, still found areas to critique. Overall though, Brees was pleased with the performance his offense turned-in and is hoping they continue to trend upward.

“That was a pretty efficient game on Monday night,” Brees said. “I felt like we were hitting on all cylinders– both in the run game and in the pass game. But of course there’s still some meat left on the bone so to speak. And listen, every game is a little different right? You don’t know what opportunities are going to be there. You want to try to execute to perfection and then take advantage of those opportunities when they do arise but at the end of the day I think you want to look at your run game and say, ‘hey we’re getting a hat on a hat.’ When we’re not, we’re putting our backs in favorable positions to get extra yardage. In the pass game we’re efficient. We’re taking what they give us. When we’re getting big play opportunities we’re making the most of them and then obviously we’re staying on the field, we’re sustaining drives and we’re scoring points.”

The Saints’ offense  currently ranks 5th in the NFL in scoring average (27.0), 9th in the NFL in total offense (373.3), 7th in passing offense (264.6) and 16th in rushing offense (108.6).