Ryan Manale talks about his goals for the Jesuit football program


NEW ORLEANS — He accepted the job on a Thursday, and by Friday he was in the office, working late.

Ryan Manale hopes to make a seamless transition to his new job. He will meet with as many players as possible Monday.

And then after that, he will do a lot of observing.

“I want to see how everything is done here. I have a lot respect for how things are done in this coach’s office. I want to see how they train, how they work out. I want to get to know em. Then after a couple of weeks, after third quarter exams, I will put a little stamp on our program,” says Manale.

A pair of staffers will join him from De La Salle, but many of the long-time Jesuit assistant coaches will stay.

Manale said he could have stayed at De La Salle for a long time, and been very happy. But, there was another hill to climb and mid-city was the place to do it.

“I envisioned myself being a head football coach at the highest level in the state,” says Manale.

His goals for the Jesuit football program, are big and consistent.

“I want to build it year in year out, we are talked about championship talk,” says Manale.

In 2014, Jesuit snapped a 54-year drought, winning its first state football championship since 1960.

Seven of the last nine Blue Jays coaches had winning records.

Manale said his plan is to win, a lot, for a long time.

“I am a loyal person. I am going to fall in love with jesuit and be here for a long time,” says Manale.

He said he walked the halls at the school and could see and feel the history.

All he has to do now, is create some.


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