JEFFERSON, La. (WGNO) — Rome wasn’t built overnight – and neither is Riverdale football.

But, head coach Kyle Walker is determined to be the guy who does it.

Last season, the Rebels claimed one victory in eight games – but head coach Kyle Walker likes what he sees from a talented young team.

The Rebels have only six seniors – with three starting on the offensive line.

“We haven’t had success yet on the field,” Coach Walker told WGNO Sports. “It is coming. Do everything right, have the guys buy-in.”

At Riverdale, Coach Walker is trying to build from the ground up, and that means starting them young.

The Rebels fielded a freshman team last season – and Walker now coaches the middle school team, because those games are played in the spring.

Last fall, the freshman still played, despite the season’s late start due to Hurricane Ida.

“Even in October, we still had our freshman team together, which was real big,” shared Walker.

Freshman Zachary Brown and Byron Perriallette give the Rebels hope for a brighter future.

Walker tells his players that there’s a Riverdale alum who went to LSU and later to the NFL, and it all started on Jefferson Highway.

“Guys always say, ‘Can I get recruited?’ Yeah,” said Coach Walker. “Look at Donte Jackson, he came out of Riverdale Hgh School.”

Walker said he would just like to play an entire 10-game season – he’s had to overcome a COVID season and a storm, now all his team has to do now is get past opponents.

Friday Night Football starts August 19 on NOLA 38 at 11 p.m. and WGNO-ABC 26 at midnight.