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New Orleans-- Edna Karr Head Football Coach Brice Brown sits-down with Karen Loftus this week on Pizza and the Playbook at Mellow Mushroom to talk about the Karr football family, getting into coaching and motivating his players.

KL: "You guys are fresh off your back-to-back state championships. How proud are you of what your teams have been able to accomplish?"

BB: "Extremely proud.  Hats-off to the kids because the rigorous schedule that they have to go through on a daily basis and to be able to play 15- straight weeks and only lose one game and win a state championship speaks to their character."

KL: "And you are an Edna Karr alum-- as I'm finding out that pretty much your entire coaching staff-- it's pretty much an Edna Karr family affair. Break down some of the numbers of your coaching staff who are alums."

BB: "I played with six of them, coached two of them and two of them coached me. So including me there's a total of 11."

KL: "How much of a sense of pride do you all have in that you guys are leading your school?"

BB: "I think you hit it right on the head. I think when you're representing your school you put a little bit more oomph in it."

KL: "At what point in your life did you say, 'You know what? I want to be a football coach'?"

BB: "I was kind of forced into it by Coach Juluke. As soon as I graduated from Grambling, he called me and said I need an offensive coordinator. You're hired. He said 'I'm going to help you with it,' and we've been going ever since."

KL: "After your state championship win this past season, you were in the locker room and you told everybody to-- 'Put out that right arm. There's purple in this arm. Put out that left arm. That's gold. When you bleed that purple and gold together you've got pride.'  -- Where do you come up with this stuff? I thought that was pretty cool too."

BB: "That was inspired by one of our Karr alums, Norman Randall. All week and all year we've been talking about is Karr and representing purple and gold and representing our school so you have to inspire in different ways."

KL: "Final question-- what's your favorite type of pizza?"

BB: "I'm simple. I like pepperoni."

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