Phillip Guillot shares how to stay active during coronavirus pandemic


Phillip Guillot is the manager of Crossfit NOLA downtown and a six time regional Crossfit athlete.
During his time competing he came in contact with Jeff Germond, who appeared in the 2014 Crossfit games.

Phil Guillot said, “We started training together in his road to the games, kept training after that. Then a job opened up at Crossfit NOLA.”

Jeff Germond said, “If we have someone who wants to work in fitness and be a full time coach and not have to work it as a part time job I want to give them that opportunity.”

Now, Guillot’s life revolves around fitness. Whether its training, coaching or hosting his own podcast. While the coronavirus has Crossfit NOLA closed, hes finding ways to stay the course, while sharing the ideas online.

Guillot said, “Knowing that people are going to be at home more, so getting as much content to them as possible whether it be things they can do to workout or information they might not have had before. I want to bring other people into the world of fitness because I know what it’s done for me and I know what it can for other people. Sometimes they just need that outlet and source of information. “


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