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BATON ROUGE, La. (WGNO) — WGNO Sports has obtained a redacted copy of the notice of allegations against fired LSU men’s basketball coach Will Wade.

What follows are some of the details alleged from the Notice of Allegations.

Wade offered cash and a job as an assistant to coach a person closely associated with (name redacted).

Wade told convicted felon Christian Dawkins, on an FBI wiretap that he was frustrated by the “Smart thing” because he “went to him with a *^&%^ strong ass offer about a month ago.

Wade agreed to send money to the former fiancee of a former student-athlete (name redacted) to keep quiet about Wade’s payments to student-athletes.

Associate head coach Bill Armstrong was also fired.

The notice of allegations alleges that Armstrong offered to provide (name redacted) to a prospective recruit to provide (name redacted) and/or his family members or associates with $300,000 cash (paid in installments) of $50,000 each. The report alleges that Armstrong offered the recruit’s cousin a job inside the men’s basketball program, an apartment, and a car for (name redacted’s) cousin, a promise of scholarship for a friend of (name redacted), and assistance securing visas for other basketball players to the United States.

That report also alleges Wade paid a recruit’s mother (name redacted) and family friend (name redacted) from a bank account in the name of Wade’s spouse that Wade and his spouse treated as a joint account.

The report says that between December 2018 and February 2020, the NCAA made repeated requests for full and complete images of Wade’s digital devices. Wade, during those 13 months didn’t provide digital records to the NCAA.

The report said Wade only produced 60 thousand of 130 thousand images requested.

The report says that LSU, from February 2012 to June 2020, failed to exercise institutional control of its football and basketball programs.

Because of the report, Wade and Armstrong are likely to receive lengthy show-cause penalties.