Nicholls Athletics focuses on progress during pandemic


THIBODAUX, La. – There is a silver lining to the Nicholls State University fall sports postponement, and it comes in the form of facility upgrades.

The university received around $9 million from the state of Louisiana to upgrade soccer, softball, and basketball facilities…

A portion of the money would also go towards a new athletics complex.

“Every time I hear some of this noise, I’ll peek out of this office and take a picture and send it to my buddies who I played with. I tell them, can you believe what’s happening here? I did the same thing to the scoreboard when we got a new scoreboard. Every little upgrade makes so much of a difference,” says Nicholls State university Athletic Director Jonathan Terrell.

It will be called the Boucvalt Family Athletic Complex.

A $6.5 million facility that will house all 17 athletic programs in the south endzone of John Guidry Stadium.

It is named after former Nicholls Assistant Football Coach and businessman, Trey Boucvalt, who just weeks ago donated $2.5 million towards the project.

You can read more about the donation here.

“Trey is a guy that when he believes in something, he puts his money behind it. When I was here in 2004, Mr. Boucvault was around, helping us build the program and he has never stopped. It means so much for the program and the community for him to step up and do this,” says Terrell.

Phase I of construction comes with amenities like a new locker room, training room, players lounge, kitchen, offices, and meeting room.

It’s sure to help Nicholls State University keep pace with facility improvements at neighboring universities.

It’ll also give them a leg up on the competition while recruiting local talent.

“We joke about at times that It’s an arms race in recruiting now. Everybody looks to facilities and what color uniforms you have, so thin is going to be huge for us,” says Nicholls State University Head Football Coach Tim Rebowe.

Terrell adds, “This is going to be unbelievable. When we are talking about students-athletes wanting to come and be a part of a top-notch program lithesome of the newest facilities, they will be able to look at Nicholls state university and be proud of.”

For more about the facility, click here.

Construction of the complex is expected to be completed in time for the 2021 fall football season.

Phase II work begins after Phase I and that includes an indoor practice facility for all sports to use.

The university is also planning a multi-million renovation to Barker Hall in the future


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