New era begins for Pelicans

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Metairie, La. -- As much as David Griffin and Alvin Gentry have proclaimed that this is not Zion Williamson's team:

"He's not here to save our franchise," Gentry said. "He's here to be a part of something that's going to be what Griff has referred to as sustainable winning."

It certainly felt that way at media day, with the rookie phenom winning-over the crowd with his light-hearted answers.

"I think that's one thing different about coming into the league," Williamson said. "After practice at Duke, 'What class you got tomorrow? When you finished with classes and stuff?' Here, 'Yo E'Twaun, is there a food spot you're trying to go to? I can't. I've got stuff to handle.' Or with JJ (Redick) he has kids-- like they got to take their kids to school. I'm like, 'Kids? I'm 19.' "

As the spotlight continues to shine on Zion though, the team will be centered around Jrue Holiday, who's one of just 6 players over the age of 24 on their roster. The 14 others range from ages 19-24.

"Hopefully there's some things that I can pass along," Holiday said. "I'm one of the older-- and I'm not even that old, which is crazy. But I feel like I'm one of the older ones so just going into my 11th year, just having some experience I feel like I can help."

And with that experience comes an expanded leadership role.

"I think where his challenge is going to be is becoming more vocal," Griffin said. "I talked about what Zion's native game is. It's not Jrue's native approach to be overly vocal and there are going to be times where it's absolutely called for and until he starts to appreciate his own power as a leader, he may be resistant to do that."


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