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Saints running back Mark Ingram drew the most attention as the Saints opened mini-camp.

Ingram told reporters two of the reasons why he skipped the team’s offseason workouts. One was to manage his weight, and another was to increase his speed.

Ingram did look lighter. He said he weighed 215 pounds, after playing last season anywhere from 218 to 223 pounds.

In team drills, Ingram took the second rep, behind fellow running back Alvin Kamara.

Kamara was absolutely dazzling.

Especially in the passing game.

On a wheel route down the sideline, Kamara was well covered by linebacker Demario Davis. But, Kamara elevated to make a great catch.

Minutes later, quarterback Tom Savage made a low throw on a pass to Kamara near the sideline. Kamara deftly caught the football and turn upfield. 

Even at mini-camp with no pads, Kamara’s 

hand eye coordination was on display, and it was off the charts.

ESPN reported that the Saints will bring in running back Jamaal Charles for a visit Wednesday. 

And, there was another former Saints running back in camp, who showed a good burst when he was handed the football.

Tim Hightower had 8 rushing touchdowns for the Saints in 2015 and 2016. 

The 32 year old was back for a tryout.

Quarterback Drew Brees spoke highly of Hightower, noting his familiarity with the Saints system.

Hightower, if signed would likely accept a very limited role with the club once Mark Ingram returned from his four game suspension.

Would Jamaal Charles, who has been the alpha dog most of his career, accept that role after the first four games?

Quarterback Taysom Hill struggled at practice with his accuracy. 

A couple of throws were high and missed badly.

Hill also got reps in practice with the Saints special teams.

The Saints have spoken glowingly of his athletic ability, and his speed.

But, can he make throws accurately, and can he make the correct decisions?

The Saints will know more about that when Hill gets an expected lengthy audition in the pre -season.

It is almost unfair to watch Drew Brees in drills and compare him to the other Saints quarterbacks.

Last season, Brees led the NFL in completion percentage at 72 percent. Tom Brady’s completion percentage was 66.3. Matt Ryan’s was 64.7.