THIBODAUX, La. (WGNO)— The 26th annual Manning Passing Academy is taking center stage at Nicholls State University this week with the Manning name being a hot topic in the football world.

Arch Manning, the top recruit in the class of 2023, announced his commitment to the University of Texas on Thursday.

His uncle, Peyton, said he and Arch talked last week.

HIGHLIGHTS: Manning Passing Academy

Peyton’s message was, if you knew where you wanted to go, there was no reason to wait.

Manning spoke to reporters at the Manning Passing Academy in Thibodaux:

“As soon as I got back from my last visit, I announced where I was going because I knew. When you know, you know, and there’s no point dragging it out and creating some drama. I am not a big fan of the hat reveal. The whole deal, it is a show. I kinda like the way he did it. He sent the word out, and now it is on to being a senior in high school,” says Peyton Manning.

Archie Manning added that he is “proud” of the way that Arch and his family has handled the recruiting process, adding that they kind of wanted to make it “old school,” and try to make it a little bit more similar to what he(Cooper Manning), and Peyton and Eli went through recruiting.”

Archie Manning has watched just about every pass his grandson has thrown in practice and in games.

He said he told Peyton and Eli long ago, to follow a simple but effective plan.

“I always told Peyton and Eli, try to know what you are doing. If you kinda know where you are going with the football, you don’t get hit as much. And to me that is always the key, don’t get hit as much. I got hit too much. I was about to say that, but I will let you say that. That is why I have this cane right here,” says Archie Manning.

Manning spoke more on the matter with WGNO Sports Director Ed Daniels:

The Manning Passing Academy concludes Sunday, June 26th.