LSU preparing for dynamic Clemson defense

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New Orleans — There has been a lot of talk about LSU’s offense this season and all the records they’ve set and the eye-popping numbers they’ve filled the stat sheet with. That leads to the question, “Can anyone stop them?”

Clemson would like to make a case that they can.

The Clemson Tigers’ defense ranks first in the nation in points allowed per game (10.6) and also yards allowed per game (244.7). And it’s not just one tried and true defensive scheme they are winning with. They’ll throw anything and everything at their opponent.

“Their coach does a really good job mixing-up the looks,” said LSU quarterback Joe Burrow. “They’ll bring the same blitz and play a difference coverage behind it so I’m going to have to be on my game reading the safeties, reading the coverages, seeing blitzes, knowing what coverage they usually like to play behind it but then verifying it post-snap to make sure that it is what I thought it was. That’s going to be a key for us.”

On top of Burrow being able to make adjustments on the fly, it’ll also come down to their coaching staff, which this offense has complete faith in.

“It’s definitely going to be a little tough but these two weeks we’ve been watching film,” said LSU wide receiver Justin Jefferson. “We have our trust in Coach Joe and Coach E. They’re going to call the right plays and we’re going to go out there and execute.”

“There’s so many defenses and looks that you can play,” said LSU running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire. “But it’s ultimately always a way to figure it out. With Mr. Wizard over there, Joe, being able to see stuff as it’s happening and then Joe Brady and Coach E doing as much film study and all our G.A. guys, Coach Munoz and everybody else. Watching those guys doing work behind the scenes is something very special. They have some amazing defenses that they run and some things that they come out with that’s quite different. I’ve literally been watching them since as soon as they won. It seemed like every game that I scrolled over on my iPad was a different defense that was being displayed. It’s a special defense, special players on that defense and can’t wait to be out there playing against them.”


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