Liam Shanahan on Arik Gilbert reports: “We’re all here for him”


BATON ROUGE, La. – During his media session Tuesday, LSU Center Liam Shanahan fielded questions about the reports surfacing this week that Freshman Tight End Arik Gilbert was considering leaving the LSU Football program.

Gilbert reportedly missed practice on Monday and is “homesick.”

Shanahan, the grad transfer from Harvard, says he completely understands what Gilbert is going through.

Shanahan played the first four years of his college career 30 minutes away from his hometown in Massachusettes and decided to move over 1,500 miles to Baton Rouge to play at LSU this fall.

When asked about Gilbert, Shanahan says “we’re all here for him” and he would like to talk with Arik if possible.

“Hopefully he’ll be alright,” says Shanahan.

Shanahan says that while he is not sure if others are considering leaving the program, everyone on the team is still committed to finishing the season on a positive note.

As far as next season goes, a lot of the seniors have the option to return to the LSU Football program because of COVID-19.

Shanahan says that he has talked with LSU Head Football Coach Ed Orgeron and Offensive Line Coach James Cregg about possibly returning to Baton Rouge next season, but has not made a decision yet.

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