LHSAA: Still Splitsville

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The public and private schools will still hold separate championships in several sports, including football in the 2020-2021 school year.

Two proposals that would have unified the organization failed to get the necessary number of votes by LHSAA principals.

One, that included a 1.5 multiplier, failed by a vote of 230 to 105.

A second proposal, by North Vermilion principal Tommy Byler actually had a majority vote for, 179 to 165, but failed to gather the necessary two thirds for passage. Byler’s proposal would have made six classes for football, and eight for other sports. He spoke passionately for the proposal at the final meeting of the annual LHSAA convention in Baton Rouge.

Riverdale director of athletic Sean Temple said his school voted for the 6 classes in football proposal.

The “split” began in January of 2013, when LHSAA principals voted to split in the football playoffs. Later, boys and girls basketball, and baseball and softball were added to the sports that split their playoffs into select and non-select.


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