LHSAA mulling multiple options for fall sports


BATON ROUGE, La. (KTAL) – In a meeting today conducted by the LHSAA Advisory Committee, multiple options for fall sports, including switching sports like football to the spring, were discussed, according to sources.

It was stressed in the meeting that sports will happen, it’s just a matter of when. If the season is delayed to mid-September, the board discussed the option of still playing in the Superdome, with venue openings in the last week of December and into early January. That would push the start of the regular season back to September 17, with jamborees taking place the week before and fall practice starting August 17.

One topic of discussion, the idea of the COVID-19 situation continuing to worsen, brought forth multiple resolutions that would switch the seasons of various sports. Spring sports would move to fall, fall sports to spring, winter to spring. A decision will be delayed as long as possible, allowing for the most complete information.

Tomorrow, Governor Jon Bell Edwards will make a decision on whether or not to delay moving into Phase 3. If Governor Edwards does, the LHSAA is expected to release more flexible guidelines that would allow football to practice using blocking sleds, tackling dummies, and participate in 7-on-7 to aid acclimation to the heat. Those guidelines (pending the Governor’s decision) would be released on July 25.


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