Jaguar fans ready for Southern’s first home game since 2019


BATON ROUGE, La. – Bad, dead and empty were some of the words Southern fans used to describe 2020: the year without Jaguar football.

Fans of the Blue and Gold were hurting during the fall football season, waiting for the Jags to return to A.W. Mumford Stadium while Power 5 schools (like fellow Baton Rouge college LSU) played in 2020, but Southern will hit the Bluff for its first and only home game of the spring schedule come Saturday afternoon.

“Family will get together. If they haven’t been together through the pandemic, they’ll get together. Everybody will be close,” Blue Store (on Mills Avenue) manager Jessica Harris said.

“People need to come out and participate, and more people need to come out and participate and have fun,” Jaguar fan Melvin Young said.

Saturday’s game won’t feature the Human Jukebox or any tailgating outside of the stadium due to COVID restriction, but even though fans won’t be at the game, the Southern faithful will bring the experience to their own backyards.

“Let’s party! We going barbecue, move the pit around. We get things ready for people to come out, enjoy themselves, wear they masks, be safe,” Young said.

“Sitting outside, looking at the game on the TV, eating and enjoy,” fellow Southern fan Cynthia Harris furthered.

“I’m hoping that they win. I feel like if the weather is right, everybody’s going be out there, and I’m hoping I see the players come in here and get some of my chicken and they don’t be hurt,” Harris added.

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