HARVEY, La. (WGNO) — Two West Bank staples shared the same turf Thursday night at “Hoss” Memtsas Stadium.

And not even ongoing rain and several lightning delays could dampen spring game football between Archbishop Shaw and John Ehret.

Highlights included Eagles quarterback Mason Wilson taking it 38-yards on a keeper for the score, followed by Patriots quarterback Eric Cheneau connecting on a long pass to Darnell O’Quinn for six.

Former Shaw Eagle, LSU Tiger and Super Bowl champion Ryan Clark, who currently serves as an NFL analyst for ESPN, was in attendance and spoke with WGNO Sports about the return of head coach Hank Tierney last season.

“Like to me that is Archbishop Shaw,” said Clark referring to Coach Tierney who led the Eagles to a state championship in 1987. “That is my experience. I don’t know a time without him. I can be honest, I haven’t been back since.

“I thought about this school and the way that he departed, and this is the way it is supposed to be,” Clark continued. “I am excited, that Coach Hank is back. I think it is the best for the school. But, I know it is best for the young men on the team, and you will see the team get better, but also you will see more and more kids get the opportunity to play college ball.”

Shaw head coach Hank Tierney and Ehret head coach Reggie Rogers also spoke after the scrimmage:

Coach Hank Tierney, Archbishop Shaw

Coach Reggie Rogers, John Ehret