STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WGNO) — Meet Chad Powers. He’s a 6’5, 218-pound college freshman trying to make it as a walk-on quarterback for the Penn State Nittany Lions. Only one thing – he’s actually Eli Manning.

The former Isidore Newman, Ole Miss, and two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback returned to the gridiron on Monday as part of a skit for his ESPN show “Eli’s Places.” A spin-off of his brother’s “Peyton’s Places.”

Manning visits campuses across the nation to explore what it means to live and breathe college football.

Of course, the show also brings with it the classic Manning charm and humor – a perfect example when players and coaches at Nittany Lion tryouts were skeptical of Manning donning a flowing wig, mustache, and prosthetics, pretending to be Chad Powers.

“He’s like 32,” one player commented upon sight of Powers.

But the real question is… how did he do?

In the skit, the formerly home-schooled and now college freshman is seen showing off some money-making footwork and throwing what could only be considered as dimes during a throwing drill (after all, his mom also doubled as his coach). But, unfortunately, the coaching staff wasn’t too impressed with a 5.49-second 40-yard dash.

The Penn State crew did have to give Powers props for his ambitious attitude, though:

“Brady can play until he’s 44, Chad can play until he’s 26!”

Perhaps not, Chad, but maybe we can swing Arch when he kicks off his freshman season at Texas next fall.

You can stream “Eli’s Places” on Apple TV, ESPN+, and Hulu now. To watch Eli in his full Chad Powers glory, click here.

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