FRANKLINTON (WGNO) — Luke Spears leads a dominating Raiders offense. The team averages more than 47 points-per-game through five weeks. However, the senior’s abilities on the field are directly related to his skillset in the classroom. Spears has a 28 overall on the ACT, but the quarterback’s best category: reading, where he scores a 32. Head coach Bradley Seal and the signal caller both see a correlation.

“He processes things fast. He catches on to what we want, and he sees the field fast, is able to react quick,” Coach Seal said.

“Oh definitely translates. Studying, preparation, all that. You have to prepare for tests. It’s much like the game of football. You have to prepare very well, and having a smart guy like Cale [Temples] at center makes it easy for me,” Spears added.

Leading the Raiders’ potent offense requires more than just intelligence. It also needs chemistry, but the quarterback does have the perfect bond with his center Cale Temples. The two seniors are born on the same day, at the same hospital, and their relationship reflects their similarities.

“A while back, I asked my mom. We were born an our apart at the same hospital. I think he weighed like 8.6 (lbs). I was 6.8. It’s some pretty wild similarities there. It just adds to the friendship and how close we are,” the quarterback said.

“You know man, it was crazy, especially since about third grade or so. Been really close. Got a good friend group. Really surprising, but it’s unique. We’re best friends now, so I guess it turned out pretty well,” Temples stated.

Luke Spears of Pine. This week’s Scholar Athlete presented by Your Southern Quality Ford Dealers.

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