FRANKLINTON (WGNO) — Pine Center Cale Temples dominates on and off the field. On the field, the senior is back-to-back All-District honorable mention. Off the field, Temples has a 32 composite ACT. However, the center’s main battle is not with an opposing defensive lineman but with his own quarterback Luke Spears.

“He scored higher than me on the ACT, been trying to catch him. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet. It’s been a lot of fun. I think we’ve got about the same grade-point-average, but like I said, the ACT, I think he’s got a 32 or something like that. I’ve got a 27 so I still gotta lot of room to make up there. He lets me know about it,” Spears said.

“I was thinking a little higher actually, but now that I got there, I’m fine with it. Just keep it up. I just try to do my best, maintain and get somewhere nice for college, get a good job one day,” Temples added.

Although Temples and Spears do have their friendly competition, the duo does have a bond, calling one another best friends, and the seniors’ chemistry shows on the field.

“He lets me know stuff that he sees. I let him know stuff that we see. If we both feel like something’s wrong, we’re comfortable telling each other, if we feel like something’s wrong, and it just helps us win,” Spears explained.

“Lately, we’ve had some fumbled snaps so we gotta fix that first, but hey, we’re working on it,” Temples jokingly added.

Cale Temples of Pine. This week’s Scholar Athlete, presented by Your Southern Quality Ford Dealers.

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