DESTREHAN, La. (WGNO) — In a 38-7 win over Terrebonne, Destrehan defensive end Kolaj Cobbins was a machine.

Cobbins logged 14 tackles, three for loss, with a pass breakup and a pick-six.

“My goal every game is to ball out and play to my standards and what I’m capable of doing and that game right there definitely showed it,” said Destrehan defensive end Kolaj Cobbins.

The LSU commit is known as one of the top pass rushers in the country, and his 28-yard interception return for a touchdown Friday night showcased the evolution of his game.

“I’m known for my pass rush. So, now I’m working on my pass coverage, and my pass drops and it showed that Terrebonne game,” said Cobbins. “They run the bubble screen a lot. So, I was waiting for them to do it in a game and then I went underneath the bubble and picked it and then I ran it back.”

Head coach Marcus Scott calls Cobbins’ performance a reflection of his practice and it’s something he takes pride in as captain of a Destrehan football team with a goal to repeat as Division I non-select state champions.

“Well, he’s a quality person first and foremost. In terms of what type of player he is, I mean it’s the same type of effort that we get in the classroom. Same type of effort we get in the hallways. I mean he’s an all-around, quality person and he’s an outstanding athlete,” said Destrehan head football coach Marcus Scott.

Destrehan’s Kolaj Cobbins, this week’s Best Chevrolet Best Player of the Week.

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