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Hurricane Ida destroyed many homes, businesses, schools, and even memories. But, the New Orleans Saints want victims to know one thing: they are right there with them.

Saints Quarterback Jameis Winston had two things to say following the damage:

“I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the first responders and the people on the ground right now. To the grassroots organizations working in New Orleans right now to help our city be resilient. New Orleans, we’ve been through this before and our culture is strong and we are going to feed off of this adversity to make us stronger. We’re with you — everybody in Louisiana, we’re with you.

Everybody in the Florida Gulf Coast area: come out there and support us if you can make it to the game. If you’re in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida or wherever — we need your support. We need all our Saints fans out there to represent us.”

Saints Quarterback Jameis Winston on Hurricane Ida damage

If it’s one thing Louisiana can do, it’s come together.