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METAIRIE, LA. –  It’ll be a quick turnaround for the Saints as they face Tom Brady and the 5-1 Bucs who are at the top of the NFC south and rank second in the power rankings as of this week. 

It won’t be a typical week of preparation because of the Monday night game against Seattle. 

“It will all change. Yeah, it will all change. We will push everything back a day, treat tomorrow like a Tuesday, Thursday like a Wednesday, Friday like a Thursday. We will practice a little bit more on Saturday than we normally would,” said Saints head coach Sean Payton. 

“He’s extremely detailed in a lot of things people wouldn’t think mattered, but to him it’s the biggest difference in the game,” said Saints tackle Terron Armstead.

“Time after time, these things show up and he’s not one to be shy to pull a video or pull the statistics and let you know he was right. Critical situations, or it can be a split, a receiver split, the tight end, is he hugging the ball enough where the defense can get a read on it. The littlest things that can make a difference in winning a game, time after time he’s able to show you that these things are huge and key to winning games in the NFL, because the margin for error is so small,” said Armstead.

When it comes to injuries, unfortunately, star kicker WiI Lutz is out for the remainder of the season.