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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Who knew Drew Brees liked carpentry?

Well, WGNO’s Meghan Payton found out during her sit-down with the recently retired Saints quarterback.

“I’ve always loved woodwork,” admitted Brees. “Whenever we go on vacation somewhere and you go to some farmer’s market and someone has made something out of wood, I always gravitate to that. It’s a form of art that I appreciate.

“So I think, ‘I think I can make wood bowls, I think I can make cutting boards and charcuterie boards. I think I can do this stuff.”

The NFL’s all-time leading passer and Super Bowl XLIV champion and MVP shares his love of woodwork and a lot more, including preparations for his new broadcast career.

“There are some unique opportunities,” explained Brees. “Like for example, with the NBC gig, for I’m going to be broadcasting Notre Dame home games, that’s seven games broadcasting with Mike Tirico.

“But then every weekend I’m flying to Connecticut where the NBC Studios are, watching all the NFL games and preparing for the what will be the topics of discussion going into the Sunday night game.”

Brees said that he plans to include his kids in this new phase of life just as he did during his football-playing career.

“They are going to come with me as much as possible to get the college experience,” said Brees. “I mean watching a game at Notre Dame and being a part of that experience, I mean that’s one of the most storied places to see and experience college football in the country.

“To be able to come and sit in the war room with dad, and watch all the NFL games and be a part of some of that prep and just kind of see what goes on behind the scenes,” he continued.

“I hope the experience for them is just as valuable as some of the things they experienced when I was a player.”