NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO) — Just one week from Friday, the Final Four teams will hit the court for their first practices at the Superdome. But, and getting the floor installed isn’t exactly a layup.

“The excitement is off the charts,” Senior Vice President of the Greater New Orleans Sports Organization Jeff Rossi said. “When you walk in, it really hits you that it’s here and what an awesome event it’s going to be.”

Each panel has been crafted perfectly for every dribble and every step. There are 394 4×7 panels. Each one weighs 188 lbs. That means the entire court is over 55,000 lbs. of wood.

“This is all hardwood maple trees harvested in Michigan. It goes to our mill in Amasa, Michigan,” Vice President of Marketing at Connor Sports Jeff Krejsa said. “A town of 300 people are making courts for this big stage. They’re then shipped to a partner of ours who does the finishing.”

All that work is to set the stage for the sixth New Orleans Men’s Final Four during a year where the city is focused on a rebound.

“It’s embedded in the longtime tenure of the staff, stakeholders, and community leaders that continue to reinvest in the Superdome,” ASM Global Superdome General Manager Zane Collings said. “We’re in the middle of a $450 million renovation. That’s to keep us competitive.”

The NCAA Final Four on April 4 will kick off a month of festivities. French Quarter Fest and Jazz Fest will follow.

After the tournament, the court will find a new home with the championship team.