THIBODAUX, La. — E.D. White’s Matthew Melancon carries a 3.6 GPA and scored a 25 on the ACT on his first try.

Matthew fully embodies the student-athlete role as a Division I talent on the field and exceptional student in the classroom.

“The better you do in the classroom the better the gateways open up further along in your life. I guess I take it seriously because football is only temporary and everything else will stick with you for the rest of your life,” says E.D. White senior Matthew Melancon.

Head coach Kyle Lasseigne calls Matthew Melancon the best athlete on campus.

He runs track, plays baseball, and is currently being recruited to play football for schools like Louisiana Tech, Southeastern, and Nicholls.

Opportunities made possible by his ability to balance both school and sports.

“When he came in he was serious about grades. Everybody knew it. I don’t think we all knew how good of an athlete he was going to be but he was always really good in the classroom and has remained so. I think that has sparked a lot of interest in him because they know he’s going to contribute to a program. He’s not going to let those guys down, he’s going to do well in the classroom, he’s going to be a great citizen in the community for those people and I think that’s important these days when you’re trying to recruit a football guy, a baseball guy, and a track guy to your program to play on the next level,” says E.D. WHite head football coach Kyle Lasseigne.

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