COVINGTON, La. — Archbishop Hannan’s Ian May carries a 4.2 GPA, 33 ACT score, and a passion for business.

Ian finds there is a correlation between both business and football and applies those principles to the classroom.

“Hard work in any field is always the key. If you don’t work hard then the results are not going to pay off. You do hard work when nobody is looking. You do the little things right. You make sure that everything is right and it pays off in the end,” says Archbishop Hannan senior Ian May.

“Terrific work ethic. He’s been with us now for three years. He came in as a sophomore and from day one has been solid as an academic student-athlete. I don’t believe he’s ever been below a 4.0. He’s a 32 super score on the ACT and the kid still wants to take it again. He’s got the same mentality on the football field. He’s always asking,’ how can I do better? how can I do this? Coach, what about this?’ In the weight room, it’s the same thing. So, his mindset every day is how do I get a little bit better at what I’m doing, whatever my craft is,” says Archbishop Hannan head football coach Corey Bordelon.

Outside of football, Ian May does community work with his church and is part of the business club.

He hopes to continue his education at schools like Texas or SMU.

Archbishop Hannan’s Ian May, this week’s scholar-athlete brought to you by your Southern Quality Ford Dealers.