NEW ORLEANS — John Ehret is known for producing NFL-caliber talent, and junior offensive lineman Khayree Lee could be next in line.

“He started as a freshman. Came in, a really underdeveloped kid but really worked hard. Was a little overweight when he first got here. He had all the intangibles, but we challenged him to drop some weight and he took on that challenge, man. He dropped 30-40 pounds like it’s nothing,” says John Ehret head football coach Reggie Rogers.

Khayree Lee now stands at 6’5, 335 pounds with offers from schools like Texas, Ole Miss, and TCU.

Lee visited LSU last month where head coach Brian Kelly offered him a scholarship on the field at Tiger Stadium.

“I was very excited. this was a dream come true. It’s my dream college and I was just blessed to get it,” says John Ehret junior Khayree Lee.

As Khayree’s stock improves, so does his skillset and dominance on the football field.
It’s what he enjoys most about the game.

“I can really take a man’s will without getting into trouble for it, basically. That’s how I look at it,” says Lee.

Reporter: So, you could get after somebody and not have any problems?

Lee responded, “Nope.”

“He’s tenacious, man. We pull him on traps and counters and things like that and he finishes blocks. If you could ever see his hudl, you’ll see that he will try to drive you until the whistle blows and then he gets down the field and chases the ball. So, his hustle and his tenacity are real good,” says Rogers.

John Ehret’s Khayree Lee, our offensive lineman of the week brought to you by Lone Wolf Renovations.