NEW ORLEANS — At 6’6, 285-pounds, St. Aug offensive lineman Tyree Adams is a 4-star prospect and LSU commit as of late July.

“To commit to LSU, it feels great. I’m locked in for sure. Just to be locked in, I can really focus on the season and really have fun,” says St. Augustine senior offensive lineman Tyree Adams.

Adams is considered one of the top linemen in the 2023 class thanks to his proven versatility, athleticism, and other aspects of his game that have made leaps and bounds in recent years.

“My confidence level and my leadership skills. Coach Nick took me under his wing a lot,  especially from my junior to now my senior year. My confidence has went through the roof believing in my abilities and believing in what my team can do. Just from the leadership standpoint, it’s just amazing. I would hope everyone likes to follow behind me. To see where I’m going and see where I’m at right now, it means a lot,” says Adams.

“It’s a blessing. To see it manifest, all of the things that we planted in his head and also the hard work that he put in over the years, not just recently. This has been a long journey for Tyree and he’s had these dreams of going to LSU, and doing this, and winning state, and it’s manifesting. It takes time and he’s working hard,” says St. Augustine head football coach Nick Foster.

St. Aug’s Tyree Adams, our offensive lineman of the week brought to you by Lone Wolf Renovations.