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NEW ORLEANS — Heid Manning discovered at a young age the football legacy started by his grandfather Archie and the impact the Manning name has on the game of football.

“I was 8 or 9 when you start to realize the gravity of the situation. So, it’s definitely cool to go and watch some old film and kind of see what he used to be. It’s definitely cooler,” says Newman junior offensive lineman Heid Manning.

Now a 6’1, 225-pound junior on the Newman offensive line, Heid has the most important job in the state of Louisiana – protecting his older brother Arch.

When the two take the field on Friday nights, his brotherly instincts kick in.

“You’ve kind of got a chip on your shoulder trying to protect him. So, the o-line definitely tries to be nasty sometimes. So, it’s a fun mix,” says Manning.

A mix that has helped Heid Manning grow as an offensive lineman and become a valuable player for head coach Nelson Stewart and the Newman Greenies.

“‘You know the joke with him was, he was the first Manning to put his hand in the dirt,” says Newman head football coach Nelson Stewart.

“Old school work ethic. Does whatever is asked of him and he’s a really good lineman. He understands the nuances of all the phases we do and he worked hard to perfect his craft and he’s just a joy to coach. Kids like that are the reason why we do it,” says Stewart.

Newman’s Heid Manning, our offensive lineman of the week brought to you by Lone Wolf Renovations.