NEW ORLEANS — Brett Bordelon is only a sophomore on the Newman offensive line, but at 6’6 280 pounds, Brett is a highly sought-after college football prospect.

“I’m looking at Georgia, Alabama, Texas, and LSU. I’m taking my time with it,” says Newman sophomore offensive lineman Brett Bordelon.

Brett has great resources to guide him through both recruitment and development.
His older brother, Bo, is a freshman at LSU.

His father, Ben Bordelon, was an offensive lineman at LSU in the 1990s and played professionally in the NFL.

“My brother, every time he comes to town, we always watch film together. My dad, me and him watch it every night for like an hour or two, and we always do that. I’ll Facetime my brother and he’ll watch it with us and we’ll watch his film. We’ll all learn together,” says Bordelon.

“Brett is his own entity. That being said, you know, he’s 6’6 he’s almost 280 pounds. He’s got great athleticism. He’s great with his hands. He takes good attention to detail, really works hard at his craft. He’s not just a mauler, he’s good in protection. He takes pride in his leverage. He likes to be coached. He likes to get on the field and he’s never satfisfied. I think with him, he takes critiquing and criticism well,” says Newman head football coach Nelson Stewart.

Newman’s Brett Bordelon, our offensive lineman of the week brought to you by Lone Wolf Renovations.