RIVER RIDGE, La. —In their scrimmage against St. Paul’s, John Curtis running back Aaron Johnson used his explosion and physicality to turn a handful of carries into around 80 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns.

“Running back, you’ve got to be tough. You’ve got to have speed. You’ve got to have the footwork and I feel like I bring toughness. I’m physical. I’ve got speed and my big size I could just make a big impact playing running back,” says John Curtis senior running back Aaron Johnson.

Johnson says he has been encouraged by his coaches to utilize his size and strength while running the ball.

Wednesday night at Hunter Stadium, it showed.

“It’s going to be tough for one guy to take him down in the open field, quite honestly. I think he showed that a little bit last week when he was able to get in the open field and a guy kind of hit him at his thighs and he kind of just shed right off. You know, he had a great summer. I think he wound up cleaning 265, squatted almost 500 pounds. Just that strength that goes along with his athleticism and his speed is a big plus and it’s going to be huge for us as an offense,” says John Curtis offensive coordinator Jeff Curtis.

Johnson headlines a Patriots running back room that is four players deep.

John Curtis Aaron Johnson, this week’s Best Chevrolet Best Player of the Week.